Jah Cutta



It has been decades since Jah Cutta, whose real name is Carlton Williams, made his reputation as a reggae legend from one continent to another, in line with the greats. This artist of Jamaican origin has had a presence at various major events in his city, Montréal, as well as in the rest of Canada, from Calgary to Victoria and including Saskatoon. He has shared concert stages with many renowned artists such as Peter Tosh, The Wailers, Gregory Issacs, Ken Boothe and Public Enemy.

For him, music is a mission: moving audiences upwards and bringing joy into their lives. He seeks to join and provide smiles to the poorest on the earth and to call upon people to work together to address inequality.

Jah Cutta has four albums to his credit: Wha Gwan, World Wide Pressure, If it Wasn’t Jahand A Me ‘Dis, in which he proves that he is just as successful when performing solo. He recently collaborated with Piratas Urbanos on an EP. He has also been a recipient at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards.

Jah Cutta Life is a gift

“WANT IT” with JAH CUTTA in Vancouver opening for the Planet Smashers

Jah Cutta – Fight You Down – New Music

Jah Cutta – Right Track