About Us

A Canadian and Jamaican based company that ensure a steady flow of Caribbean music in north American market place. Our goals are to represent Caribbean musician in north America at every level of the music industry.\n\nWe have over the years produce and managed the entertainment aspect of many festivals from JAMDAY 2013, 2014 and 2017 in Ottawa Canada as well as the African Festival 2012. Performing artist such as the Mighty Sparrow, George Nooks, Ghost, IWayne, Turbulence, Freddy McGregor, Lady Saw, Erup, Major Brandish, Egyptian, Tinga Stewart, Chi Ching Ching as worked with our production. ShartyB and a proud sponsored of Jamaica Dancin Dynamites competition for the past six years just to name a few. It's actively involved community development with local and international not for profit and charity organizations.

Its founder has over twenty-five years of experience in musical production, promotion both nationally and internationally.  The production as booked, produced, Record and Published music and musician over the years. It all started in 1994 Cockpit lands (Jamaica) where the producing of a long-time friend Junior Blacks at arrows Studio, hence the musical journey continues to Canada. Then in 1999 two other people came on board, Negus and Max the music composer/songwriter from Haiti. At that time, they not one person who represent Caribbean music on an administrative level where Caribbean music was concerned. Unfortunately, most times Caribbean Artistes come to Canada, they didn't get the mainstream push so, ShartyB Production basically took it on to put one in place, Latin said.

The production as organized show which include Luciano, Gyption, Pinchers, Ghost and many more. Many thoughts that the market was too harsh and despite the high demand for music in far places like Vancouver, it was just not being marketed properly. ShartyB as produced music from as far as Burundi, Somalia and as over the years bend yet never broken it’s all about adjusting to the Canadian music Tourane.",